Featured Garden Image From My Home

Featured Garden Image From My Homefeatured

I chose this image because I talked about the summer hummingbirds in my yard in my recent post “Salvia and Yarrow Continue to Shine”.  I captured this photo of a hummingbird visiting my Linaria purpurea (photo taken in the month of June).  This is a plant that appeared in my yard a few years ago.  The common name is Toad-flax.  I never planted it—and I don’t know where it came from–?perhaps from a neighbor.  I don’t see it growing wild around here as a “weed”, but that is also a possibility.  It has behavior like a weed, because it self sows and grows everywhere now.  I pull most of them, but I leave a few to grow to maturity every year, because they are absolutely gorgeous.  And the hummingbirds love them (clearly!)  It is possible this is the ‘Canon Went’ variety.  This plant illustrates perfectly the concept of what some people might consider a weed, others do not.  The purple plant in the background of this photo is Nicotiana (flowering tobacco).

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Stephanie is a retired physician, mother to three boys, and an avid gardener with many hobbies and interests. She lives outside of Salem, Oregon, in the mid-Willamette Valley. Stephanie does all of the photography and writing for this website, and all content is original and copyrighted.

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