Featured Garden Image From My Home

Featured Garden Image From My Homefeatured

This photo was taken in May 2013.  After years of waiting, my Wisteria finally bloomed in 2013 after I applied super phosphate to the roots in the winter.  Due to our winter rains, our soil can quickly become depleted in phosphorous.   Phosphorous is essential for flower development.  My wisteria has bloomed faithfully ever since.  It became quite overgrown this year, and we could barely see the arbor.  We pruned it back extremely hard last week—perhaps too hard, and I am worried that I will have very few blooms this coming spring.  However, sometimes a hard pruning is necessary for such a behemoth of a vine.  Wisteria can become so heavy and large, that it has been known to crush arbors, trellises, and pergolas.

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Stephanie is a retired physician, mother to three boys, and an avid gardener with many hobbies and interests. She lives outside of Salem, Oregon, in the mid-Willamette Valley. Stephanie does all of the photography and writing for this website, and all content is original and copyrighted.

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