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Things are popping out of the ground, and we have had some beautiful weather.  Although my yard is bursting with flowers April through November, I really treasure these early spring delights far above all others.

Here’s some of what’s blooming/looking good right now:


Scotch Moss on my stairsScotch Moss

Violas in my birdhouses.  I made these last fall and wrote about it in the post “Birdhouse Makeover With Violas”.  The violas have grown and really filled in.Birdhouse Violas

Hellebore (Lenten Rose) ‘Blue Metallic Lady.’  I love her (them, actually–I have two).
Hellebore 'Blue Metallic Lady'Hellebore 'Blue Metallic Lady'Hellebore 'Blue Metallic Lady'

Lastly, my bleeding heart (Dicentra) ‘Alba’ is just coming out of the ground.Dicentra spectabilis 'Alba' (White bleeding heart)

Enjoy your ultra early spring.  Now is the time to do most of your gardening work in the Willamette Valley—get out there and dig and get dirty!

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