Salem Ice Storm, One Year Ago

Salem Ice Storm, One Year Agofeatured

A year ago, November 13, we had an epic ice storm in the little valley where I live.  It was unusual, because the ice really hammered us here, but if you drove down the road just 1/2 mile to an elevation just 100 feet lower, there was much less ice.  Downtown Salem, which is more than 600 feet lower in elevation than my home, saw barely any ice at all.  In the meantime, my neighbors and I had considerable damage, as most of our trees had not yet lost their leaves.  My neighbors lost several huge trees that were 20 years old.

On Day 2, November 14, the sun came out.  The kids were back in school (despite the conditions that seemed isolated to this valley, which included crazy ice roads), and I was home alone.  The moment the sun came out was 30 minutes of my life that I will remember forever.  It was indescribably beautiful.  Everything was encased in ice, and shimmering like crystals in the sunshine.  I could barely breathe it was so beautiful.  It was like the most magical moment from a girl’s imagination, who loves the movie “Frozen”, had come to life.  As the sun started melting everything, there were these incredibly loud popping and cracking noises, and the sound of percussion-triangle pinging noises as the icicles crashed down onto the pavement.  The ice was gone in 30 short minutes after the sun came out.  It was amazing, and I don’t think I’ll ever see something like this again in my life.  Here are some photos from this day of magic one year ago.

Click here for my post titled: “After the 2014 Ice Storm: A Tree Recovers”, to see photos of my favorite Japanese maple tree before the storm, and now one year later.  Here was that tree during the ice storm, and my heart was sick, thinking I had lost it:Salem Ice Storm Novemeber 2014

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