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One last handful of berries—not the very last, but nearly.  Yesterday, I walked the yard, and I found a few last treasures.

Flowers and berries seem sweeter, when there are only a few left.

I picked the last of the apples, zucchini, and bell peppers.Apples

A few lingering flowers….Delphinium and Red Valerian (Jupiter’s Beard) are too pretty not to show you.  The Delphinium decided to bloom again—usually it’s a grand showing for them in June, so this October bloom is extra special.Delphinium Red Valerian

Our berry season starts with strawberries in May and June, raspberries & blackberries June through October, and blueberries in July and August.  The key to having a prolonged berry season, is to plant many different varieties.  Here, I will focus on raspberries.  There are two broad categories of raspberries:  “summer bearing” and “fall bearing”.  I’ll tell you a secret—most “fall bearing” also bear fruit in the summer.  Here in the Willamette Valley, my fall bearing varieties (‘Caroline’ and ‘Anne’) also bear fruit in late June/early July.  Then when July comes around, my “summer bearing” variety ‘Cascade Delight’ takes over.  Then ‘Caroline’ and ‘Anne’ give me more berries August until October.  Of these three varieties, I most recommend ‘Anne’ (yellow berries) and ‘Cascade Delight’ (huge thumb sized red berries in July).  I do not recommend ‘Caroline’, as her berries are small and perish quickly on the brambles unless they are picked immediately.  The best time to plant raspberries is in the spring, but now is the time to start planning your berry patch.  ‘Anne’ will delight you.

Raspberry 'Anne'

Raspberry ‘Anne’

Raspberry 'Anne'

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