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Dahlias have long been considered a fall farm stand flower, where you buy them in large, multi-hued bunches.  But have you ever decided to pick the perfect dahlia and highlight it, rather than having it get lost in the crowd?

Nothing is more simple & elegant than a single stem of flower.

I decided to pick the perfect dahlia yesterday, and I had many to choose from.  My coral dahlias and pink-with-a-hint-of-yellow dahlias are my favorites.Coral Dahlia pink and yellow DahliaPink and Yellow Dahlia

Choose a simple vase to highlight a flower in an elegant way.  This made in Poland pitcher vase is perfect for this—interesting, but simple.Coral Dahlia

Sometimes, one flower can leave a longer lasting impression than a dozen.  Enjoy!Coral Dahlia Coral Dahlia Coral Dahlia


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