Late Season Gaura (Wand Flower), Simple and Modern with Bonus Photo of Gaura in France

Late Season Gaura (Wand Flower), Simple and Modern with Bonus Photo of Gaura in Francefeatured

I was cutting down some of my summer blooming perennials a few days ago, when I was struck by the visually interesting stems of my Gaura ‘Ballerina Rose’.  Instead of throwing them on my yard debris pile, I brought them in and made a simple arrangement.

Gaura, or Wand Flower, is an interesting plant—but I’ve struggled to find the best place to put it in my yard.  I find that the small pink flowers, which bloom late in the summer, seem to get washed out and visually lost in the landscape, when competing with more bold plants.  Here is my Gaura ‘Ballerina Rose’ at its peak bloom time in the summer.Gaura 'Ballerina Rose' (wand flower)Gaura 'Ballerina Rose' (wand flower)

However, during my trip to France in July of this year, I stumbled upon a planting of Gaura and I had an “Aha!” moment.  I was so pleased with how it was used in the landscape at the winery Château La Dominique, located near Bordeaux in the Saint Émilion wine region.  I loved how the Gaura was planted in a straight row, paired with rows of different textures of grasses and a row of agapanthus.  I took this photograph of the Gaura planting near the Château, where the red wall is emblematic of this winery.  It looks like it is might be the ‘Whirling Butterflies’ variety Gaura.  Look below—how beautiful!Chateau La Dominique, Gaura

My late fall bouquet of Gaura, that I was just about to throw away, turned out fantastic and modern.  Rather than highlighting the very few remaining flowers, I chose a straight tall clear vase to show the red and green, bamboo-like stems.  I absolutely love it, and this surprise floral arrangement–when I was least expecting to make one, might be my very favorite I’ve made in the last several years.  Enjoy!Gaura 'Ballerina Rose' (wand flower)Gaura 'Ballerina Rose' (wand flower)Gaura 'Ballerina Rose' (wand flower)Gaura 'Ballerina Rose' (wand flower)

Gaura 'Ballerina Rose' (wand flower)

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