Indoor Gardening:  Paperwhites  (When the Weather Outside is Frightful…)

Indoor Gardening: Paperwhites (When the Weather Outside is Frightful…)featured

When the weather outside is frightful, bring the gardening inside your house!  Paperwhites (Narcissus tazetta, they are related to daffodils) are bulbs that are easy to plant indoors.  They bloom perfectly inside when planted fall through spring, and require little care.  They are also fragrant.

I went to our local Fred Meyer (similar to Target) the other day, and came home with all of the supplies to make a festive indoor arrangement.  They had all of this, including the paperwhites:Planting Paperwhites

The paperwhite variety is ‘Ziva’.Planting Paperwhites

When you buy paperwhites, squeeze the bulbs to make sure they aren’t rotten.  They should be firm, with a healthy green start and look like this:Planting Paperwhites

Tip:  Pre-wet your soil whenever you plant things in containers or start seeds.  Because most store-bought potting soil contains a lot of bark medium, it floats in water when you try to wet it after you have already planted things.  This can cause your bulbs to move, and cause seeds to float to the surface—frustrating!   Pre-wetting your soil also means that you won’t have to water your bulbs or seeds for several days, because the soil is already perfectly saturated.Planting Paperwhites

There is not a lot of ‘how-to’ to explain here.  Bury those bulbs, just at the surface.  I really crowded mine together.  I added a white bottle brush tree to the center, so that this looks pretty right now.  The flowers will bloom, I believe, sometime in January.  I used one of my white cake plates for this arrangement and surrounded it with Christmas ornaments.  I will reinvent the display after Christmas is over.  Enjoy!Planting PaperwhitesPlanting PaperwhitesPlanting PaperwhitesPlanting Paperwhites


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