I’m Not Waiting For Valentine’s Day…

I’m Not Waiting For Valentine’s Day…featured

The end of the rose growing season is drawing to a close, but my pink Knockout Roses ‘Radcon’ are still going strong.  Even though bright pink floral displays are not what I typically think about in the autumn, these last roses are too beautiful to leave alone.  Why wait for Valentine’s Day?  Get your pink roses now.  Knockout roses are fast becoming every gardener’s favorite.  Criticized sometimes for their lack of complex flower forms and minimal fragrance, their disease resistance is hard to beat.  Most of my roses get some degree of blackspot on their foliage, but not my knockout roses.  Check out the healthy foliage below, with these photos taken just yesterday in the month of October!  They literally require zero care in terms of disease.  So easy, and they bloom all summer long.  They even do fine in this partial shade location.

Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon' Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon'

I often use baskets in my arrangements.  I will show you how to do it.  The important thing is to make sure that water or moisture does not damage the surface on which your arrangement will rest.  You will need high quality plastic bags, a basket, and Aquafoam instant wet floral foam.  First pick your basket.  Soak enough foam to fit the basket.  Instant floral foam only takes a few minutes to completely saturate.  It is very expensive at an average arts and crafts store, so I purchase it in bulk, by the box, online.  Floral foam cuts easier with a knife when it is completely wet.

.Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon' Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon'

Cut your flowers.  These are my favorite shears for this task.  Basket arrangements require a large amount of flowers to completely cover the foam.

.Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon' Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon'

Get your plastic bags ready.  Cut the now wet foam to fit inside the bags, and place them in the basket.

.Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon' Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon'

Cut and insert flowers starting in the center with taller stems.  Add some to the corners to drape over the edges

. Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon' Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon'

Fill, fill, fill, until you can no longer see any floral foam or plastic bags.  This arrangement is made more interesting with the use of several unopened buds.  While I more often do mixed bouquets, the Pepto-Bismol pink of these roses require little else.  The addition of other colors such as yellows or other textures would make it visually too busy in my opinion.  A similar look can be achieved with store bought roses, as well.  Enjoy!

Rose Knockout RadconPink Knockout Rose 'Radcon' Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon' Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon'Knockout rose Radcon Pink Knockout Rose 'Radcon'

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