Have You Discovered These Chocolate Chips?

Have You Discovered These Chocolate Chips?featured

Finally the perfect chocolate chip for homemade cookies.  Have you discovered Guittard chocolate chips?  This is a California chocolate company, and I am in love with all of their products.  I am able to purchase these locally here in Salem at Roth’s.  Guittard chocolate chipsThey make a “super cookie” chip that is extra large, making those oohy-gooey cookies we all desire.Guittard chocolate chipsNo recipe here—I just use the recipe on the bag of chips.  The recipe is equal to half the recipe size on a bag of Nestle chocolate chips, but it still calls for a whole bag of chips.  It’s too much chocolate (even for my kids), so my only recommendation is using 3/4 of  bag instead of the full bag.  As usual, I double my recipe, and use 1 and 1/2 bags total.  These chips cost more than Nestle and Ghirardelli, but it is worth it.guittard chocolate chips

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