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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I recently discovered the app Bloglovin, when I looked at my webpage statistics and found out some people were following my blog this way.  I immediately fell in love with this app/website.  It’s like Facebook for your favorite blogs, with a newsfeed that lists the most recent posts from the blogs you follow.  I find this to be a more user friendly way to follow blogs than Pinterest.  And it’s also a bit more fun than following via an email subscription.  I think Bloglovin is the future of blogs.  My only complaint is that in the newsfeed it shows the first photo in my post, rather than the featured photo.  By posting this and “claiming my blog”, I am hoping I can modify it in some way.

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Stephanie Koski

Stephanie is a retired physician, mother to three boys, and an avid gardener with many hobbies and interests. She lives outside of Salem, Oregon, in the mid-Willamette Valley. Stephanie does all of the photography and writing for this website, and all content is original and copyrighted.

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