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We had a really warm fall, and it seems like the weeds are going crazy right now when they shouldn’t be going crazy.  Bittercress, which usually crops up in my yard in February and March, is growing rampantly right now.  I am comparing this second cycle of growth in the same calendar year to how we can sow lettuce in both the spring and the fall…..due to warm temps and recent rains, this edible weed is everywhere all of a sudden.  It’s also an indication that my beds are in desperate need of some mulch (a thick layer of compost or bark dust) to help prevent this many weeds from growing.
BittercressLuckily, if you have the right tools, you can make quick work of these kinds of problems.  I use my triangle hoe to scrape the ground, which pulls up the weeds or cuts them.  You can leave them there without even picking them up.  Everybody needs one (or two or three) of these hoes.  They come in several sizes, and this is a smaller size.Use Triangle Hoe for BittercressUse Triangle Hoe for Bittercress

Application of a pre-emergent weed killer would also prevent this many weeds—however, I didn’t expect freshly sprouting weeds in early November, when things should be going dormant.  I also try to avoid chemicals, generally.  However, with 2 acres of gardens, they are sometimes necessary.  For now I will scrape, scrape, scrape those weeds, before they are too big to scrape!

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