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Christmas Kitty

Christmas Kittyfeatured

Just a daily dose of cuteness for the cat lovers out there. We put up our Christmas tree yesterday, and Tig found his place.  Does your feline friend have a special Christmas hangout?

Cat Nap Under the Ilex

Cat Nap Under the Ilexfeatured

Tig was wondering why he hasn’t made an online appearance in a few weeks.  Here he is, taking a nap underneath the Ilex shrubs near my birch trees.  He really is a garden kitty.  The lines of the shadows perfectly illustrate why some wild jungle cats are striped for the purposes of camouflage, as he Read more

Girls Will Be Girls…..

Girls Will Be Girls…..featured

It’s a long and twisted tale.  We decided to add a chicken coop, pen, and hens to our yard about 5 years ago–right when it was getting trendy.  Hens definitely have distinct behaviors, and the pecking order can be brutal.  Every spring we add new chicks–we either hatch them ourselves in an incubator or buy Read more

Kitty Invasion

Kitty Invasionfeatured

I think my cat Tig knows that suddenly he is an online star, and that I have a section of my website set aside for him.  (The category ‘Pets’ is supposed to be for all of my animals, but he seems to particularly seek out the spotlight).  Today while doing my photo shoot for a future post Read more

A Feline in the Fall

A Feline in the Fallfeatured

I don’t know who is more handsome—Tig or my Virginia Creeper Vine (Parthenocissus quinquefolia).  There is nothing more crimson red than this 5 leafed vine in the fall.  It’s as red as the most beautiful Japanese maple.  Please note that it is considered to be invasive in many parts of the country.  Check the list Read more

An Ace in the Garden–Meet Tig

An Ace in the Garden–Meet Tigfeatured

Cats in gardens.  Everyone has their obsession–photographs of cats in a garden happen to be one of mine!  Alluring and peaceful, there are few things prettier than a feline friend relaxing in the foliage.  My kitty cat Tig is like a puppy–he follows me around everywhere outside.  Silently.  I’ll get that feeling that I’m being Read more


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