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Yummy Egg Thing, Casserole For One

Yummy Egg Thing, Casserole For Onefeatured

This is our Christmas morning breakfast, most years.  So delicious.  To make things easier in the morning, the night or a few days before you can:  fry and chop the bacon, toast and chop the English muffins, and chop the tomatoes.  This recipe is best with a lightly poached egg.  You could do a lot Read more

Persimmon Muffins

Persimmon Muffinsfeatured

As promised in my post “What To Do With All Of These Persimmons”, here is another way to use your persimmons.  You could also substitute apricots or apples in this recipe.  Recipe makes 2 dozen medium (standard size) muffins or 1 dozen large muffins pans.  These are enhanced with the addition of almond paste.  I love the Read more

3 Ingredient Crowd Pleasing Cheese Ball

3 Ingredient Crowd Pleasing Cheese Ballfeatured

If you want to be the most popular person at a holiday gathering or party this year, bring this basic cheese ball.  So easy.  It’s another 3 ingredient specialty of mine.  Please note that in my photos I made a super sized cheese ball with a double recipe.  Ingredients below are for a single recipe. Read more

Persimmon Salad, Using Oregon’s Bounty

Persimmon Salad, Using Oregon’s Bountyfeatured

This is a simple green salad, just in time for Thanksgiving, using some of my Fuyu persimmons that I wrote about just a few days ago. Ingredients: Lettuce, spinach, kale, or chard Fuyu persimmons Vinegar, preferably Pear (see tip below) Olive oil Hazelnuts, toasted (see tip below) Blue Cheese (see tip below) Whisk equal parts Read more

Three Ingredient Pork

Three Ingredient Porkfeatured

I am the queen of three ingredient recipes.  People think I am some kind of gourmet chef, making masterful, fancy meals for my family every night.  But nope–that is simply not true.  This is one of my staples, and it’s so easy that I’m not sure this constitutes cooking.  Use the pork for anything:  barbecue Read more

Balsamic Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Balsamic Glazed Sweet Potatoesfeatured

Most of the recipes I plan to post on my blog are 5 ingredients or less.  These are just simple, commit-to-memory ideas to build from. Cooking is more fun when you don’t use recipes, and there is more gratification when you have just thrown something together that tastes delicious. I’m all about a 5 ingredient concept (not Read more

Have You Discovered These Chocolate Chips?

Have You Discovered These Chocolate Chips?featured

Finally the perfect chocolate chip for homemade cookies.  Have you discovered Guittard chocolate chips?  This is a California chocolate company, and I am in love with all of their products.  I am able to purchase these locally here in Salem at Roth’s.  They make a “super cookie” chip that is extra large, making those oohy-gooey cookies we Read more

Chanterelles–Get Them While You Can!

Chanterelles–Get Them While You Can!featured

The Chanterelle mushroom is the king of all foods, in my opinion.  When prepared properly, these mushrooms outshine all other mushrooms in flavor, complexity, texture.  They are made extra special because they are unable to be cultivated in a laboratory–therefore, there is no domestic production of chanterelle mushrooms as there is for many other popular Read more

Delicata Squash–A Fast and Easy Side Dish

Delicata Squash–A Fast and Easy Side Dishfeatured

This recipe could be called “Glazed Squash” or “Delicata C’s”.  Both are accurate descriptions.  I love a delicata squash for a few reasons.  1)  It’s the perfect size for 2-5 people (as a side dish).  2)  As the name implies, the rind is delicate, thin—making it far easier to cut with a knife when it’s Read more

Just Bake the Meatballs Instead

Just Bake the Meatballs Insteadfeatured

I’m not sure why I only learned this trick a few years ago.  Almost all recipes say to brown the meatballs in a skillet in some oil.  Who has time to stand there and do that?  (Especially when I usually make 3 pounds of meatballs at a time.)  And I feel like when I brown Read more

Pumpkin Bread That The Kids Will Crave

Pumpkin Bread That The Kids Will Cravefeatured

When autumn arrives, we seem to crave all things pumpkin.  Here is my “Better-Than-Starbucks” pumpkin recipe.  If you are going to make a mess in your kitchen, you might as well double the recipe to make two loaves.  (Recipe is for one loaf). You can use a puree of squash, pumpkin, yams, or sweet potatoes.  Look below Read more


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