Cat Nap Under the Ilex

Cat Nap Under the Ilexfeatured

Tig was wondering why he hasn’t made an online appearance in a few weeks.  Here he is, taking a nap underneath the Ilex shrubs near my birch trees.  He really is a garden kitty.  The lines of the shadows perfectly illustrate why some wild jungle cats are striped for the purposes of camouflage, as he is hard to find in the photo due to his striping.

Ilex, also called false holly, is a nice evergreen shrub.  It doesn’t have an invasive habit like actual holly, and it provides a nice green backdrop to a garden.   We have one of those large kids play structures, and Ilex is used at the perimeter to soften the visual transition to the landscape. In the summer, very tiny white flowers appear and the bees go crazy for them.

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