Burda Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111, With Interchangeable Bands

Burda Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111, With Interchangeable Bandsfeatured

I recently completed this new pattern from Burda.  The pattern was easy, and I was able to construct it in a day.  There are low darts that help give it a slouchy draped look across the neck and bust.  It is otherwise fitted, and there is an invisible zipper on the back.

Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111

It is a fall/winter inspired shirt, using a wool blend thick knit from an Italian mill.  I bought this fabric from Marcy Tilton a couple of weeks ago.  In the demo pattern, Burda uses a Mohair knit.  I found that my substituted fabric worked great—any thick fabric with a lot of body would work.  Due to the fact that this shirt is a turtleneck in a warm fabric, it is still an appropriate shirt to wear in the winter despite the fact that it is sleeveless—it keeps the core warm!  The photo below of the reverse side of this fabric shows the knit which forms the underlying structure of the fabric.Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111

The very best part of this pattern is that you can make a faux undershirt, which creates the illusion that you are wearing a shirt underneath.   In reality it is a band that you snap into the main garment.  Look!  I made two—one is a Liberty of London print that I happened to have on hand—it is an example of truly mixing prints and textures.  I think this is a more casual look, and would look great with jeans.  The other fabric I used was a faux tweed cotton, which is slightly more dressy.  This also gives you the option to wear no band at all, for an almost cropped, fit-at-the-waist look.  See the two bands I made below:Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111

Here is a reverse view of the garment:Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111

I styled mine with some men’s inspired footwear by Paul Green, tights from Target, a simple charcoal gray jersey skirt from Fred Meyer (! yes sometimes I buy things there), and my moto leather jacket by Truth and Pride.  Special thanks to my friend Jennifer S for taking these photos of me.  And to Archive Coffee and Bar, one of the coolest places in Salem.Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111Sleeveless Turtleneck 11/2015 #111


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