Blueberry Bushes Add Seasonal Color

Blueberry Bushes Add Seasonal Colorfeatured

We have about 40 blueberry bushes.  It’s just the right number to be slightly overwhelmed with the number of berries we have to pick:  which is that perfect balance of having more than enough for your family and freezer–and still enough to invite friends to come over for a free U-pick.  When planted en masse, they also provide a boost of fall color.

I think the fall color looks more striking when they are planted together, and this also helps with pollination in the spring.  The red foliage is not an incredibly brilliant red, so I do not recommend planting one or two purely for ornamental purposes. (If you want bright red only from a shrub of similar size, go with a burning bush, Euonymus alatus).  However, for double purposes of eating and fall color–nothing beats high bush blueberry plants.  Plan now, to plant in the spring. Mulch heavily with hemlock, cedar, or fir—as this promotes soil acidity that blueberries love.

Blueberry shrubs provide fall color

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