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Stephanie is a retired physician, mother to three boys, and an avid gardener with many hobbies and interests. She lives outside of Salem, Oregon, in the mid-Willamette Valley.
Stephanie does all of the photography and writing for this website, and all content is original and copyrighted.

Easter Egg Hunt In the Garden

Easter Egg Hunt In the Gardenfeatured

I haven’t blogged in a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working in my gardens!  Here is how everything looks today, as seen through the eyes of my children on an Easter egg hunt.  I take pride in my gardens having something blooming 11-12 months a year—take a look and see what’s blooming Read more

Silver Falls State Park Hike

Silver Falls State Park Hikefeatured

After a winter of sewing and crafting, I realized recently that I’ve become way too sedentary.  I need to get outside and move!   I’m going to try and use some of my free time to go on some great local hikes over the next few months, and bring my big camera.  I’ll share my Read more

Some Pretty Little Things

Some Pretty Little Thingsfeatured

Things are popping out of the ground, and we have had some beautiful weather.  Although my yard is bursting with flowers April through November, I really treasure these early spring delights far above all others. Here’s some of what’s blooming/looking good right now: Crocus Scotch Moss on my stairs Violas in my birdhouses.  I made Read more

An Ode To Catkins

An Ode To Catkinsfeatured

One of the first signs of spring are the arrival of catkins on trees and shrubs.  What is a catkin?  It’s actually a flower, which can be either wind pollinated or insect pollinated.  The word catkin comes from the Dutch word for kitten, “katteken”, because the flowers are long and cylindrical and look like a Read more

Come Inside…..Take a Tour of My Greenhouse!

Come Inside…..Take a Tour of My Greenhouse!featured

I’m a lucky gardener, to have a greenhouse.  Why a greenhouse?  There are many good reasons to have one.  1)  You keep the mess out of your house.  Before I had the greenhouse, I started all of my seeds inside—very messy, and when the dirt goes down the sink….well, that’s a plumbing problem.  2)  You Read more

Boatneck Preppy in Plaid Sweatshirt, Burda Pattern 9/2014 #114A or #114B

Boatneck Preppy in Plaid Sweatshirt, Burda Pattern 9/2014 #114A or #114Bfeatured

This was an easy sweatshirt to make, and it reminds me of the collegiate sweatshirts we all wore back in the 90’s, baggy in the body, with cuffs and a waistband.  I used a Burda pattern, found here and here, with a few modifications. I purchased my fabric from The Smuggler’s Daughter, an online fabric store.  Susan sells only Read more

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis):  January Sunshine

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis): January Sunshinefeatured

As soon as the New Year is over, here in the Willamette Valley I start looking for signs of spring in my yard.  I find them everywhere:  catkins forming on trees, daffodils pushing out of the ground, and pussywillows—getting fuzzy.  But the first thing to bloom is Witch Hazel.  Witch Hazel is an essential in Read more

Paperwhites…Transformed into Something New!

Paperwhites…Transformed into Something New!featured

Happy New Year!  We were gone for 9 days, skiing on Mt. Hood.  (See my instagram for some photos).  I was delighted to come home to blooming paperwhites!  I first planted these on December 12, and I previously made a Christmas-inspired arrangement in my post “Indoor Gardening: Paperwhites (When the Weather Outside is Frightful..)”.  They are Read more

Yummy Egg Thing, Casserole For One

Yummy Egg Thing, Casserole For Onefeatured

This is our Christmas morning breakfast, most years.  So delicious.  To make things easier in the morning, the night or a few days before you can:  fry and chop the bacon, toast and chop the English muffins, and chop the tomatoes.  This recipe is best with a lightly poached egg.  You could do a lot Read more

Modern Swing Coat, With Tiny Ruffles….Butterick Pattern by Katherine Tilton 6253

Modern Swing Coat, With Tiny Ruffles….Butterick Pattern by Katherine Tilton 6253featured

A new coat—and I really mean it this time, when I say that THIS might be my favorite thing I’ve ever made (until the next thing, right?)  I just really love this coat.  Here are the details…. It is Katherine Tilton’s Butterick pattern B6253.  I used a sweatshirt style jersey knit, which is ecru colored fleece Read more

Indoor Gardening:  Paperwhites  (When the Weather Outside is Frightful…)

Indoor Gardening: Paperwhites (When the Weather Outside is Frightful…)featured

When the weather outside is frightful, bring the gardening inside your house!  Paperwhites (Narcissus tazetta, they are related to daffodils) are bulbs that are easy to plant indoors.  They bloom perfectly inside when planted fall through spring, and require little care.  They are also fragrant. I went to our local Fred Meyer (similar to Target) Read more


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