A Gift From the Heart:  Easy DIY Tea Towel

A Gift From the Heart: Easy DIY Tea Towelfeatured

A dear friend told me the other day how meaningful her sons’ teacher is to her and her family.  She said, “I want to give her something really special for the holidays.  Do you have any ideas?”  I told her that I think the gifts that are most special are those that are made with love.  We came up with the idea to make an easy, personalized tea towel.  My friend has no sewing experience, and I offered her the use of my machine.  I had an ulterior motive:  show her how fun sewing can be, and get her hooked!  I always need more sewing friends!

The project was so easy, that even a child could do it.  I do not have an embroidery attachment for my machine, so we just had basic linear stitching options.  I happened to have a few Egyptian cotton flour sack towels, which were perfect for this purpose.  For experienced sewists, you don’t need these instructions.  But here they are for the beginners….we all have to start somewhere!

Wash and bleach your towels.  Put them in the dryer, but remove them when they are still damp and take a hot iron to them immediately.  Mary’s Ellen’s Best Press starch is fantastic for making things a bit crisp and just right.Easy DIY Tea Towel

Use a ruler and removable chalk to draw a straight line across the towel, where you will sew your first line.Easy DIY Tea Towel

Pick some pretty embroidery patterns and sew along the line.Easy DIY Tea Towel

Optionally, use a hemstitch (wingtip) needle for making an eyelet effect.  The needle makes holes in loosely woven fabrics for heirloom stitching.Easy DIY Tea Towel

Add some personal words for your recipient, gently wipe off chalk, press once more, and you are done!  It turned out beautiful and lovely.  My friend learned the basics of using a sewing machine.  And she is proud of her gift for a beloved teacher.  So many beloved teachers—do they know how much we appreciate them?  I hope so.Easy DIY Tea TowelEasy DIY Tea TowelEasy DIY Tea TowelEasy DIY Tea TowelEasy DIY Tea Towel

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