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Featured Garden Image From My Home

Featured Garden Image From My Homefeatured

This is my front yard, where I put a great deal of my garden time, because this is what people see when they come to the front door.  Flowers in this pic include catmint (Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’) around the wisteria arbor, Red Valerian (Jupiter’s Beard, Centranthus ruber), Veronica ‘Crater Lake Blue’, alliums, yellow broom, lilies (not Read more

Christmas Kitty

Christmas Kittyfeatured

Just a daily dose of cuteness for the cat lovers out there. We put up our Christmas tree yesterday, and Tig found his place.  Does your feline friend have a special Christmas hangout?

3 Ingredient Crowd Pleasing Cheese Ball

3 Ingredient Crowd Pleasing Cheese Ballfeatured

If you want to be the most popular person at a holiday gathering or party this year, bring this basic cheese ball.  So easy.  It’s another 3 ingredient specialty of mine.  Please note that in my photos I made a super sized cheese ball with a double recipe.  Ingredients below are for a single recipe. Read more

Persimmon Salad, Using Oregon’s Bounty

Persimmon Salad, Using Oregon’s Bountyfeatured

This is a simple green salad, just in time for Thanksgiving, using some of my Fuyu persimmons that I wrote about just a few days ago. Ingredients: Lettuce, spinach, kale, or chard Fuyu persimmons Vinegar, preferably Pear (see tip below) Olive oil Hazelnuts, toasted (see tip below) Blue Cheese (see tip below) Whisk equal parts Read more

What To Do With All of These Persimmons?

What To Do With All of These Persimmons?featured

I have a small fruit orchard, with around a dozen or so fruit trees.  While it’s a romantic concept to grow your own fruit, I’ll be honest in telling you it’s slightly challenging to grow perfectly organic disease free fruit here in the Willamette Valley.  Apples, in particular, seem to be very prone to scab and Read more

A Shock of Mulberry Caught My Eye…

A Shock of Mulberry Caught My Eye…featured

I was outside, doing nothing glamorous (picking up after the dog), when this caught my eye: Claret, Marsala, Mulberry, Cranberry:  whatever word you use to describe the color of these lingering hydrangea—it doesn’t matter:  they are simply beautiful.  My hydrangea (I have around 10) have continued their color metamorphosis since my last hydrangea post “365 Days Read more

After the 2014 Ice Storm:  A Tree Recovers

After the 2014 Ice Storm: A Tree Recoversfeatured

A few days ago I posted some photos from our ice storm one year ago.  While the ice was beautiful, it was also incredibly destructive.  When it first started coating everything, I was amused.  However, some of our trees had not yet lost their leaves, so when the branches started to droop, I was worried.  I Read more

Salem Ice Storm, One Year Ago

Salem Ice Storm, One Year Agofeatured

A year ago, November 13, we had an epic ice storm in the little valley where I live.  It was unusual, because the ice really hammered us here, but if you drove down the road just 1/2 mile to an elevation just 100 feet lower, there was much less ice.  Downtown Salem, which is more than 600 Read more

Pansies in My Bicycle Basket

Pansies in My Bicycle Basketfeatured

Another pansy planting–I have highlighted these plants this week, because they can provide color during our fall and winter months, surviving our mild winters here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  Pansies and Violas are shy plants—they need visually interesting containers to really help them command attention—they aren’t show stoppers merely on their own.  Look Read more

Late Season Gaura (Wand Flower), Simple and Modern with Bonus Photo of Gaura in France

Late Season Gaura (Wand Flower), Simple and Modern with Bonus Photo of Gaura in Francefeatured

I was cutting down some of my summer blooming perennials a few days ago, when I was struck by the visually interesting stems of my Gaura ‘Ballerina Rose’.  Instead of throwing them on my yard debris pile, I brought them in and made a simple arrangement. Gaura, or Wand Flower, is an interesting plant—but I’ve struggled Read more

Cat Nap Under the Ilex

Cat Nap Under the Ilexfeatured

Tig was wondering why he hasn’t made an online appearance in a few weeks.  Here he is, taking a nap underneath the Ilex shrubs near my birch trees.  He really is a garden kitty.  The lines of the shadows perfectly illustrate why some wild jungle cats are striped for the purposes of camouflage, as he Read more

Three Ingredient Pork

Three Ingredient Porkfeatured

I am the queen of three ingredient recipes.  People think I am some kind of gourmet chef, making masterful, fancy meals for my family every night.  But nope–that is simply not true.  This is one of my staples, and it’s so easy that I’m not sure this constitutes cooking.  Use the pork for anything:  barbecue Read more

Follow my Blog with Bloglovin’

Follow my Blog with Bloglovin’featured

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I recently discovered the app Bloglovin, when I looked at my webpage statistics and found out some people were following my blog this way.  I immediately fell in love with this app/website.  It’s like Facebook for your favorite blogs, with a newsfeed that lists the most recent posts from the Read more

Birdhouse Makeover with Violas

Birdhouse Makeover with Violasfeatured

Several years ago, my two older boys and husband made these birdhouses for me at a Mother’s Day class at our local Ace Hardware.  I was so delighted with them—the boys planted their rooftops with succulents.  This week, I decided they needed a bit of a makeover.  As promised in my earlier post this week, I am Read more


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