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Balsamic Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Balsamic Glazed Sweet Potatoesfeatured

Most of the recipes I plan to post on my blog are 5 ingredients or less.  These are just simple, commit-to-memory ideas to build from. Cooking is more fun when you don’t use recipes, and there is more gratification when you have just thrown something together that tastes delicious. I’m all about a 5 ingredient concept (not Read more

It’s Not Too Late to Plant Winter Carrots

It’s Not Too Late to Plant Winter Carrotsfeatured

Winter carrots, harvested around January or February are a sweet treat in the Willamette Valley.  If you plant seeds now, you can savor home grown carrots, too–perhaps ready in February or even March, depending on our winter conditions. Sprinkle a general all purpose fertilizer on  your soil at the time of planting to replenish it Read more

Featured Garden Image From My Home

Featured Garden Image From My Homefeatured

I chose this image to show the same border in the spring that I referenced in the recent post “Salvia and Yarrow Continue to Shine”.  This photo was taken May 25.  Plants in this successful border planting include Salvia sylvestris ‘May Night’, Achillea (yarrow) both ‘Moonshine’ and ‘Paprika’, Salvia guarantica ‘Hot Lips’, and Penstemon ‘Husker Red’.

Gnarled Branch-Vine-Berry-Halloween Inspired Arrangement:  But Beware!  It’s Poisonous

Gnarled Branch-Vine-Berry-Halloween Inspired Arrangement: But Beware! It’s Poisonousfeatured

It would amaze many gardeners how much I love my Virginia Creeper Vine–I’ve featured it’s crimson red foliage in many of my autumn posts.  It is invasive in many areas of the country–smothering native plants and vegetation, climbing trees, and taking over–perhaps in a similar fashion to English Ivy here in the Northwest.  My Virginia creeper Read more

Brushed Alpaca, Prussian Blue, Furry Coat.  Burda Wool Long Coat 08/2012 #101B

Brushed Alpaca, Prussian Blue, Furry Coat. Burda Wool Long Coat 08/2012 #101Bfeatured

Well, it’s finally done.  I started this coat last January.  I put it aside for many months, and I decided to finish it now that the weather is cooler.  I absolutely love it–mainly because of the fabric. I purchased this very special fabric remnant on the top floor of Britex Fabrics in San Francisco about 4 years Read more

Blueberry Bushes Add Seasonal Color

Blueberry Bushes Add Seasonal Colorfeatured

We have about 40 blueberry bushes.  It’s just the right number to be slightly overwhelmed with the number of berries we have to pick:  which is that perfect balance of having more than enough for your family and freezer–and still enough to invite friends to come over for a free U-pick.  When planted en masse, they also provide Read more

Less is More

Less is Morefeatured

Dahlias have long been considered a fall farm stand flower, where you buy them in large, multi-hued bunches.  But have you ever decided to pick the perfect dahlia and highlight it, rather than having it get lost in the crowd? Nothing is more simple & elegant than a single stem of flower. I decided to Read more

Have You Discovered These Chocolate Chips?

Have You Discovered These Chocolate Chips?featured

Finally the perfect chocolate chip for homemade cookies.  Have you discovered Guittard chocolate chips?  This is a California chocolate company, and I am in love with all of their products.  I am able to purchase these locally here in Salem at Roth’s.  They make a “super cookie” chip that is extra large, making those oohy-gooey cookies we Read more

State Fair Zinnias

State Fair Zinniasfeatured

Our warm October has allowed my zinnias to continue to flourish.  Zinnias are the easiest annual to grow from seed, and they are one of the best flowers for cutting, due to strong straight stems and longevity in a vase.  I titled this “State Fair Zinnias”, because there is no other flower I associate more with Read more

Chanterelles–Get Them While You Can!

Chanterelles–Get Them While You Can!featured

The Chanterelle mushroom is the king of all foods, in my opinion.  When prepared properly, these mushrooms outshine all other mushrooms in flavor, complexity, texture.  They are made extra special because they are unable to be cultivated in a laboratory–therefore, there is no domestic production of chanterelle mushrooms as there is for many other popular Read more

Salvia and Yarrow Continue to Shine

Salvia and Yarrow Continue to Shinefeatured

Our endless summer continues, and I wanted to give a shout out to two of my favorite perennials–Salvia (sage) and Achillea (yarrow), which are still going strong in my yard. I’m a sucker for any salvia.  There are many varieties.  If you want hummingbirds to swarm your yard in the summer, plant some salvias.  It’s Read more

Girls Will Be Girls…..

Girls Will Be Girls…..featured

It’s a long and twisted tale.  We decided to add a chicken coop, pen, and hens to our yard about 5 years ago–right when it was getting trendy.  Hens definitely have distinct behaviors, and the pecking order can be brutal.  Every spring we add new chicks–we either hatch them ourselves in an incubator or buy Read more

Kitty Invasion

Kitty Invasionfeatured

I think my cat Tig knows that suddenly he is an online star, and that I have a section of my website set aside for him.  (The category ‘Pets’ is supposed to be for all of my animals, but he seems to particularly seek out the spotlight).  Today while doing my photo shoot for a future post Read more


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