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A Sweet Bouquet With Summer’s Last Annuals

A Sweet Bouquet With Summer’s Last Annualsfeatured

Flowers are my passion.  Most people assume I garden for the vegetables–nope, I mostly garden for the flowers.  These are from my yard–snapdragon, kiss me over the garden gate (yes, an actual flower name), celosia, zinnia, and achillea (yarrow) ‘moonshine’ (a perennial).  White pitchers are great to have on hand—they lend a neutral background to let Read more

Magpie Manor Box Pillow

Magpie Manor Box Pillowfeatured

I immediately fell in love with Salem artist Bobi Sue’s Magpie Manor pillow pattern when I saw it in our local quilt store last month.  I bought her pattern (and her hand painted eyes), and I created my own version.  This was one of the most fun projects I’ve ever made.  I incorporated so many techniques–quilting, machine quilting, Read more

Pumpkin Bread That The Kids Will Crave

Pumpkin Bread That The Kids Will Cravefeatured

When autumn arrives, we seem to crave all things pumpkin.  Here is my “Better-Than-Starbucks” pumpkin recipe.  If you are going to make a mess in your kitchen, you might as well double the recipe to make two loaves.  (Recipe is for one loaf). You can use a puree of squash, pumpkin, yams, or sweet potatoes.  Look below Read more

Asters Steal the Show

Asters Steal the Showfeatured

Fall would not be complete without a few asters in bloom.  While I love the look of ‘mums’ in their oranges, yellows, and browns (especially when they flank a porch or front door), nothing beats the shock of purple from a fall blooming aster.  Mine are reliable, and require little care, and they are in their Read more

Early Fall Pairings

Early Fall Pairingsfeatured

In gardening, a pairing is the placement of two plants next to each other which bring out the best in each other.  Contrasting colors, textures, and heights create great drama in the landscape.  I’m always looking for perfect pairings, because they photograph well.  I have found that garden magazines tend to make the reader feel Read more

First Frost

First Frostfeatured

Our first frost came about one week earlier than the last few years, here in the mid-Willamette Valley.  I walked through my gardens at around 7:30 this morning, and I noted frost only on the the main lawn, and temperatures in the 40’s.  This really illustrated the concept of a micro-climate.  What is a micro-climate?  This Read more


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